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I am sure many of you watch game shows on TV. In fact, you probably kick back in your favorite recliner attempting to answer the question in 15 seconds as music plays in the background ticking off the clock.
Today, I am going to be your game host. You have 15 seconds to answer the following question. Are you ready? Set? Go! What ministry in your church takes place with two people and requires six sessions?

Several years ago, Madison Street UMC (Clarksville) member Aleeta Christian applied for a grant from the Golden Cross Foundation (GCF). Money from the $7,500 grant helped fund iPads, accessories, Wi-Fi connections, and a TV and conference tables used during training. The iPads and training were provided to 12 interested older adults in the congregation. The idea for the iPad project …

Grandparents play significant roles in families and there is an ever-increasing number of grandparents who are primary caregivers or raising grandchildren. According to Generations United, approximately 2.7 million children in the U.S. live in grandfamilies or kinship families — families in which grandparents, other adult family members, or close family friends are raising children — with no parents in the home.

Annually, older Americans are scammed out of nearly $3 billion. With the older adult population increasing, this problem will likely continue to grow. Information and knowledge are key to protecting us all from falling victim to scams. For cybersecurity tips to keep you and your identity safe, click Read More.

This year, Grandparents Day, a day honoring grandparents, will be observed on Sunday, September 12. Grandparents often lavish their grandchildren with love, hugs, and gifts. On Grandparents Day the favor is returned as grandparents receive gratitude for their wisdom, kindness, and nurturing.

In the August issue of ENCORE Ministry Matters, I highlighted the role of intentional leadership in older adult ministry. In this issue, I want to share various ministry models by, with, and for older adults in the local church.