By Cindy Solomon

Author’s note: Many of us know someone who is struggling or has struggled with a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s. For me, a long-time friend and bike buddy is currently navigating the waters of early cognitive impairment. While never formally diagnosed, both my mom and grandmother suffered from forms of dementia. It’s personal. In early 2024, I awoke with the following poem floating around in my thoughts. I managed to write it down before I forgot it! It was God-inspired and I pray that it brings comfort and hope to those who read it.

I am here.
Don’t forget about me.
I can still hear,
I can still see.

Even though “me” is no longer
Who I used to be,
I am here.
Don’t forget about me.

Some days I know, some days I don’t.
Sometimes my memory works,
Sometimes it won’t.
But stay with me for a while,
And I may just remember my smile.

Life is difficult for me today.
I’ve forgotten many of the things
I used to do and say.
But when I die, I know I’ll be
Restored to the person you used to see.

Part of me is still inside,
You will see it when you search my eyes.
I’ll see you again someday my friend,
Because memories, like love, never end.

Cindy Solomon is operations director for ENCORE Ministry.