Alzheimer's / Dementia: Ministry with the Forgotten

Bishop Carder’s experience with loving, living, and caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia is hardly unique. That November day when Linda was diagnosed, approximately 1,100 other individuals and their families in the US received a similar diagnosis. That was one person every 77 seconds.

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Dementia Small-Group Study

This resource is primarily written for older adult ministry leaders and pastors as they develop ministries with those living with dementia and their family/caregivers. Persons in early stages of dementia and their family will also be interested in these sessions. Learn from their insights and invite the group to provide care and support in their journey. The video, scripture study, discussions, and resources will provide you and your group with practical ideas to be in ministry within your local church and community.

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John Rivas

Creating a Family Legacy

When we think about creating and leaving a legacy it’s not just a matter of preparing our assets for our family, it’s preparing our family for our assets.

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Celebrating Older Americans Month 2024: Powered by Connection

Dr. Richard Gentzler provides tips and resources for Celebrating Older Americans Month and/or Older Adult Recognition Day.

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Free Downloadable Resource for Celebrating Older Adult Recognition Day 2024

Free downloadable resource provides ideas and worship resources for church leaders wanting to celebrate Older Adult Recognition Day 2024

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