This week I had the privilege to celebrate the life of a good friend, Cornelia Frank. She was 101 years old and was one of the first persons I met when I moved to Winchester 20 years ago. It is difficult moving into a small town and getting acquainted after you have retired. Everyone has their circle of friends. However, the first Sunday I attended Winchester First United Methodist Church, Cornelia came up to me, introduced herself, and invited me to deliver Meals on Wheels with her. I was her co-pilot delivering some 10 meals together each week.

Online shopping was already on the rise, but the pandemic has cemented it as the go-to shopping option for many of us. Scammers have followed us online and have constructed many ways to deceive us into sharing money or sensitive personal information.

Later life is a time of reassessment and reflection. What sense do we make of the lives we have lived? How do we come to terms with illness and death? What do we want to give to others as we grow older?

The S.E.N.I.O.R.S. Ministry model is offered as a means of designing an intentional older adult ministry that meets the needs of all, or at least most, of the older adults in your congregation and community. The model’s components address: spirituality, enrichment, nutrition (health and wellness), intergenerational, outreach (evangelism), recreation, and service.

Many companies are increasing their usage of QR (quick response) codes in different ways like tracking packages, viewing restaurant menus, or downloading smartphone apps. With the rising popularity, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is seeing an escalation in QR code-related scams.

ENCORE Ministry invites all pastors and church leaders related to older adult ministries in the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference to complete and return the charge conference report, even if you do not have an older adult ministry.