Free webinar on August 29, 2023, helps families navigate dementia journey (will also be recorded and posted).

Franklin (Tennessee) First United Methodist Church offers a monthly worship service intentionally created for people who are living with mild-to-moderate dementia symptoms.

The program, We Remember You, provides holistic and all-encompassing support to family caregivers of persons living with dementia. It also supports community education programs.

In 2009, someone was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia every 77 seconds. Today, someone is diagnosed every 65 seconds. And the number is escalating. In 2050, it will be one person every 33 seconds. For retired United Methodist Bishop Kenneth Carder, the statistics are personal. His wife, Linda, was diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia and he was called …

There are currently over 16 million people in the US providing care to a person with dementia. While caregiving can be very rewarding, many caregivers also experience a significant amount of stress, and struggle to find meaning in their role as a caregiver.