October 15th begins open enrollment for Medicare’s more than 65 million participants. Scammers use this time as an opportunity to take advantage of older adults.

Con artists can use Artificial Intelligence to clone a voice of a loved one. This technology is called deepfake.

As a new tax season begins, keep in mind scammers will be revving up their efforts to steal YOUR money. Here are some steps to help keep you identity and money safe.

The Social Security Office of the Inspector General provides tools to recognize Social Security-related scams and stop scammers from stealing your money and personal information.

Romance scams are on the rise and loneliness and new technology have contributed to the increase. All ages are susceptible but the riskiest group is the 55-64 age range.

For some, the New Year means making new resolutions. This year, let’s stay scam smart. The Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky recently released a list of the top scams for 202.

While we shop and cook and hang holiday lights, scammers are busy looking for their next targets The Better Business Bureau has issued a list of scams to be on the lookout for during the holiday season and tips on how to keep yourself from being the next victim.