October 15th begins open enrollment for Medicare’s more than 65 million participants. Scammers use this time as an opportunity to take advantage of older adults.

As a new tax season begins, keep in mind scammers will be revving up their efforts to steal YOUR money. Here are some steps to help keep you identity and money safe.

While we shop and cook and hang holiday lights, scammers are busy looking for their next targets The Better Business Bureau has issued a list of scams to be on the lookout for during the holiday season and tips on how to keep yourself from being the next victim.

AARP released a survey a year ago, that reveals that service members, active and retired, were ~40% more likely to be scammed than civilians.  In 2021, military families were defrauded out of $267 million, more than double in 2020.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued a warning about scams targeting people with student loans. The BBB Scam Tracker has already received reports from people who have been targeted by imposter calls and emails.