By Guest Contributor

by Pat Brandenstein

I am sure many of you watch game shows on TV. In fact, you probably kick back in your favorite recliner attempting to answer the question in 15 seconds as music plays in the background ticking off the clock.

Today, I am going to be your game host. You have 15 seconds to answer the following question. Are you ready? Set? Go!

What ministry in your church takes place with two people and requires six sessions?

Don’t peak at the answer — just a few more seconds….

You got it! Yes, your pastor will spend six sessions counseling couples who are preparing for marriage.

If we were to continue with the game show theme, today’s big-money question would be: How many sessions does your church schedule with someone when he or she experiences the death, divorce, desertion, or imprisonment of a spouse?

The answer? Probably none.

The reason pastors spend six sessions with couples preparing for marriage is that marriage is unique relationship. Marriage is the only relationship where a man and woman say their vows and make a covenant before the Lord with the two becoming one.

How might your church minister to a spouse whose relationship has been broken by death? The answer is easy: Wings of Hope Widowed Persons Ministry.

A Wings of Hope representative can come to your church and present an hour-and-a-half workshop on developing a widowed person’s ministry. Wings of Hope does not charge for the workshops nor informational materials but accepts love offerings.

For more information or to schedule a workshop, email Pat Brandenstein at, call 931-636-4359, or visit

Pat Brandenstein is co-founder of Wings of Hope Widows Ministry, a 501(3) c with Chapters of Widows in Cheatham, Rutherford, and Franklin counties. Wings of Hope assists widows in forming chapters in their communities and churches in developing widowed persons ministries.