A demographic shift is taking place throughout much of the world. Population aging is changing lives and institutions. Never before have so many people lived to such old age. In the USA, the number of people age 65 and over is projected to leap from about 54 million in 2019 to more than 80 million by 2040. By 2030, all Baby Boomers (1946-1964) will be 65 years of age and older.

Dec. 2021 — The Golden Cross Foundation, now known as ENCORE Ministry, awarded almost $102,500 to 12 churches and organizations in 2021 for a variety of projects that benefitted older adult members. Recipients were throughout the Tennessee Conference, now part of the Tennessee-Western Kentucky (TWK) Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Dec. 2021 –When the calendar flips to 2022, ENCORE Ministry will be the combined organizational name for two entities of the Tennessee Conference that will unite to support older adult ministry in the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference (TWK).

by Pat Brandenstein I recently visited a local store to purchase Halloween candy. And to what to my wandering eyes did I see, but a Santa Claus and 12 tiny reindeer. What?! We haven’t had Thanksgiving yet and there are Christmas ornaments. I guess I better start planning, I hadn’t even thought about the holidays. People grieving the recent loss …

The S.E.N.I.O.R.S. Ministry model is offered as a means of designing an intentional older adult ministry that meets the needs of all, or at least most, of the older adults in your congregation and community. The model’s components address: spirituality, enrichment, nutrition (health and wellness), intergenerational, outreach (evangelism), recreation, and service.

ENCORE Ministry invites all pastors and church leaders related to older adult ministries in the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference to complete and return the charge conference report, even if you do not have an older adult ministry.

I am sure many of you watch game shows on TV. In fact, you probably kick back in your favorite recliner attempting to answer the question in 15 seconds as music plays in the background ticking off the clock.
Today, I am going to be your game host. You have 15 seconds to answer the following question. Are you ready? Set? Go! What ministry in your church takes place with two people and requires six sessions?

In the August issue of ENCORE Ministry Matters, I highlighted the role of intentional leadership in older adult ministry. In this issue, I want to share various ministry models by, with, and for older adults in the local church.

Being a leader in any area of ministry today is a daunting task. Rapid change and uncertainty are constantly before us. While COVID-19 brought challenges to the forefront, ministry struggles have been with us through the ages.

During times like these, it’s helpful to remember the primary mission of the local church as stated in The Book of Discipline: “The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.”